South Sudan World's Youngest Country Developing New Education System (Part 2)

South Sudan World's Youngest Country Developing New Education System (2nd Episode)

Isacco  Consonni Chief of Education & Protection in South Sudan for the UNHCR (United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees) takes time out of his schedule to chat with us on the Core. It goes without saying that we are privileged to share

Isacco’s story and upcoming journey.

Isacco   will be sharing how one approaches the development of a brand new education system in South Sudan which is the youngest country in the world (separated from Sudan in 2011). We've designed this interview in a series of episodes. You may check the 1st episode which is already published a few days back.

In this episode we find out about Isacco’s flight from the Congo to South Sudan, his first project near the Nile river and the makeup of NGO’s (Non-Governmental Organization) present that make the transition personally and professionally smother. He shares with us his surroundings in the capital city of Juba. Isacco’s first order of business has been to meet with South Sudanese government officials as well as NGO’s supporting the initial foundation for their education system. We quickly find out that safety is of paramount importance as well as basic supplies to establish a welcoming experience for local children.

I think you will be amazed to hear Isacco describe the need for chalkboards and basic bench seating for children. Please send your comments/questions for us as we continue this path together.




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