India Education System Demands New Approach for Examination & Assessment: Here’s Why Tech Is Needed

India Education System Demands New Approach for Examination & Assessment: Here’s Why Tech Is Needed

Indian education system has evolved over the years and technology is playing a key role in shaping the future considering its advantage of scalability, cost effectiveness.

Among the various processes, the examination process is being simplified with the help of advance technologies too.

Examination Question Paper Generation and Distribution

Traditional method of exam question paper generation involves question bank preparation, paper setter, moderator, question paper printing, distribution etc.

Technology can help you to simplify the overall process. Entire process can be divided into 4 entities including Online Question Bank Preparation, Question Paper Generation, Moderation and distribution of the question paper to various locations.

Question Bank Preparation

First step of question paper generation is preparation of question Bank. Education Entity can prepare Online Question Bank with Subject/ Topic and difficulty level structure. Each teacher would have access to his/her subject to define questions. Top level admin can control/ access all subject question banks.

Exam admin can define exam paper criteria like Subjects, Topics, total number of questions, difficulty level of paper to generate exam paper based on pattern. System will select random questions from the question bank to generate question paper.

Moderator can validate exam pattern and question paper to mark it as valid.

Question Paper Distribution

Question paper distribution can be automated and secured using technology where remote education entity/ exam center can download paper from internet/ mobile. Access code of the paper will be available only 15 or 30 minutes prior to exam. It would help to mitigate risk of question paper leakage before starting of the exam process.

Online Exam

Traditional method of exam with pen and paper is useful for theory / diagram based exams. In case of objective exams there is way to go for online exam as it can help education entity to go paperless and improve overall administration of exam process.

Remote Proctoring

Remote Proctoring process is the method to invigilate remote candidate with the help of technology.  In traditional exam process an invigilator need to be present at the exam center to validate candidates appearing for the exam. For each exam center of around 30-50 candidate you need one invigilator. So for conducting exam of 1000+ candidates you would need more than 25 invigilators controlling the exam process. Technology can simplify the process with the help of remote invigilation and proctoring.

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