Aug That! Classroom Engagement through Augmented Reality

AugThat! Classroom Engagement through Augmented Reality

Aug That! is an Augmented Reality Educational Company, developed by educators with over 18 years of experience within the public school system.

Their goal is to create an engaging and amazing experience that will expand a child’s thought process as well as create a learning adventure. Aug That! delivers three-dimensional models, 360-degree virtual environments, and activity sheets with animated lessons that can all be viewed with a smart device. Implementations of augmented learning are forms of e-learning. The learner receives supplemental, contextual information on-screen. With augmented reality apps students and teachers experience an adaptive learning on the current context. Instead of focusing on memorization, students get the virtual experience of text. The augmented content can be dynamically tailored to the learner's natural environment by displaying text, images, video or even playing audio (music or speech).

Aug That! is getting recognition for its niche in augmented reality for education; has presented publicly at conferences throughout the United States about augmented reality and its potential for dramatically enhancing education and provides one of the most powerful tools a teacher can use within their classroom.

Adam Newman, The Founder of Aug That! aims to enrich and enhance school experience for students and teachers.

Imagine living in the magical world of Harry Potter, where the school hallways are lined with paintings that are alive and interactive. Now imagine creating an atmosphere like that for your students where while teaching solar system you can actually travel in the solar system with planets around you.

Augmented Reality allows educators and students to do just that: unlock or create layers of digital information on top of the physical world that can be viewed through any smart device be it Android, Apple or Tablet.

Educators know that learning deepens, not just through reading and listening, but also through creating and interacting. With Augmented Reality products like interactive activity sheets, 3-d images, and 360-degree virtual environment students manipulate and combine elements -- like mercury -- right from their smart devices, rather than just reading about them in a textbook

Aug That! has developed 3 Dimensional Learning, 360 Virtual environments or as we call our Virtual Field Trips, and animated lessons that will guide students to specific strategy and techniques all by scanning the image at the bottom of the activity sheet or flash cards with the help of their smart devices. It serves grades K-12 and provides a robust and rigorous aspect to engaging the student creating a unique experience for the students.

Aug That! provides students and teachers with:

Interactive activity sheets:

Students can scan a page of their activity sheets that were assigned to them by their teachers that were specifically assigned based on deficiency.

The page will reveal an animated video of strategies needed to solve the problems helping them solve the problem. Students have access to these worksheets that utilize the concept. Students will have access to these lessons anywhere if they carry a smart device and a worksheet.

3 Dimensional Images:

3-D images make education more fun and effective. Students can scan the image of famous lands, monuments and animals to be able to visualize the key concepts of setting, tone, and theme. Characterization is also possible through the library of avatars with various costumes, facial expressions and movements.

Faculty Photo Wall:

Set up a display of faculty photos near the school entrance. Visitors can know about the faculty just by scanning the image of any instructor and see that figure come to life, telling more about him- or herself.

Parent Involvement:

Imagine you can have the monthly Principal newsletter or a calendar of events updated every month just by scanning the school logo on the refrigerator of on a T-shirt. Wherever the logo is so is your monthly message. Parents can keep a track of regular activities that are being held in school. Record parents giving brief words of encouragement to their child, and attach a trigger image to every child's desk. Anytime students need to hear encouraging words from their parent, they can scan the image on their desk for virtual inspiration.

360 Virtual environments:

Imagine being in the middle of an ocean or on top of a mountain. What would you write about as if you were the explorer climbing to the peak of that mountain that no one else has ever stood on? What if you can compare and contrast the tropical rainforest to the redwood forest? Or the streets of Venice to the streets of NYC? 360 virtual environments create an augmented picture of the subject making the student experience the subject then and there instead of just reading about it.  

Word Walls:

Students can view meanings and illustrations of key Vocabulary by scanning the word. Also sentences can be seen and the usages of the word all by the power of their mobile device, helping them improve their vocabulary anywhere.

Augmented learning by Aug That! is priced to suit the needs of the individual school or district wide through site licenses and or a per student license sale.

There are endless ideas and possibilities for using Augmented Reality (AR) apps. Profound learning occurs when students create, share, interact and explain. AR not only changes the environment around children, it also allows kids to construct their own exciting learning worlds as small as the atom or as big as the sky.

The new augmented reality apps for education can change the face of learning. Augmented reality is a trend that is worth following as new apps and technologies are developed to make learning innovative, interesting and fun. What is your take?

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Author: Priyanka Gupta
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