How Impartus Innovations is Empowering Video Enabled Learning

How Impartus Innovations is Empowering Video Enabled Learning

Every student learns in a different way. Some students easily learn by reading, some by watching. In this 21st century, technology offers a lot of opportunities to teach their students in the way they like.

Many institutions have gone the "video enabled learning" for their students. There are lot of tools and platforms available that are empowering and facilitating these institutions; and Impartus is a promising one.

Here's what they offer to the institutions:

Lecture Capture

Impartus is wonderful platform that has many features; lecture capture is one of the core features. It enables automatic recording and delivery of live lectures. With quality recording of video and audio, users will have distribution as well as content security. Every step is carried out in an automated fashion. Users can record video in a multi-view mode and it is automatically changed into digital content.

Video Bookmarks

User can mark segment of lecture and make it as a single video and mark it as bookmark for future use, while watching a lecture. All this can be done in just few clicks; users can also make playlist of bookmarked videos.

Searchable Videos

Taken videos can be tagged by teachers and educators alike, the system also auto-tags using intelligent algorithms. Tagging makes the video discoverable and searchable.


Post-Editing is an alternative feature. If post-editing is allowed, teachers will be able to edit manually unwanted content from the video before lecture. The lectures are circulated to the learners only after the teacher done with the editing.

Analytics & Reports

A huge range of perceptive reports are created based on analysis of usage, performance data behaviour of users. Users can also customize the accessibility of various report levels as per organization’s guidelines and requirements.

Content Management

Impartus enables organizations in building, safeguarding as well as handling a multimedia content such as eBooks, audio, video, and notes in a user welcoming way. It also offers the capability of targeted, seamless, and safe sharing of all every type of content.

What Benefits Students can avail from Impartus?

  • Allows students to emphasis on understanding concepts than taking notes.
  • The accessibility of different kinds of content such as notes, video lectures, study material, tests as well as outside content on the similar stage improves the learning ability.
  • Flexibility to access and review lectures and other study materials any place, anytime and at their own pace.

What Benefits Educators can avail from Impartus?

  • Enhances educators’ competence by improving the learning efficiency of pupils
  • Automated attendance administration
  • Offers an relaxed way to use instrument for constant assessment of students.

Impartus is active in higher ed and through their technology products they are trying to bring videos in mainstream learning. Impartus claims to be the clear market leader in India in the field of "Lecture Capture"and "Video Intelligence" and have recently secured our Series A funding of USD 4.1 m from Kaizen PE and are now looking at aggressive international expansion.

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Author: Prasanna Bharti
Prasanna is a blogger by profession, and loves to write about education technology. Her write-ups intend to provide a deep insight about enormous resources and ideas available to make learning better and effective with the use of technology.

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