• Virtual Assistant

    Virtual Assistant - Tools, Tips and Insights

  • Israel

    Education in Israel - News and Articles

    This page will help you understand more about the education in Israel. Here's where you will find resources on education system in Israel, learning in Israel, high school in Israel and more such relevant articles.

  • Social Emotional Learning

    Social Emotional Learning - Tips, Tools and Insights

  • Document Editor

    Document Editor - Tips Tools and Insights

    There are various tools that are used to document editing.This page will list down the resources for tools used for proper documentation and editing.

  • Preschool

    Pre-School - Articles, Tips and Insights

    The learning space offering early childhood education to children in the early ages are preschools. EdTech in the early education has been gaining a lot of popularity for the kind of engagement and development among kids it shows. Here's where you will find relevant articles, tips, insights, apps, preschool free app, preschool games, tools and software etc on the same.

  • Early Years

    Early Years - News, Tools and Articles

  • College Search

    College Search - Apps, Articles and Software

    The higher education industry is so vast that it may be difficult for students to search and decide the best for themselves. This page highlights the college search app available on android, iOS and other platforms for students, college search software, college search engine and other relevant resources.

  • Cloud Computing

    Cloud Computing - Articles, Apps and Insights

    The act of storing and accessing information and various programs over the internet instead of accessing it or keeping it in the computer hard drive is cloud computing in education. Here's where you will find relevant articles, tips, insights, apps etc on the use of cloud computing in education.

  • Life Skills

    Life Skills - Tips, Tricks and Resources

  • Employee Training

    Employee Training - Tips, Tools and Resources

  • Video Games

    Video games in Education - Apps, Tips and Resources

    Gamified Learning is the new thing in the sects of education as it engages students in a manner never experienced before. Integration of gamification helps in exponential growth in outcomes. this page highlights resources to help you with technique of teaching. Here's where you will find resources to educational video games for school, learning games for kids and many such relevant articles.

  • Finland

    Education in Finland - News and Articles

  • Girl Education

    Girl Education - News, Articles and insights

  • Africa

    Education in Africa - News and Articles

  • Exams

    Exams - Apps, Articles and Tips

    A test in education to show the knowledge and ability of a student is examination in education. there are various ways to conduct examination. On this page you will find relevant articles, tips, insights, apps etc on the same.

  • Offline Education

    Offline Education - Tips, Tools and Insights

  • Gradebooks

    Gradebook - Tools, Apps and Insights

    A gradebook is a paper or electronic tool that allows to manage student grades. A good gradebook allows educators to enter various grading rubrics using different performance criteria, evaluation scales and aggregation. There are many free online gradebook for teacher. On this page you will find information about relevant tools, apps, insights to manage gradebooks and more.