Online Plagiarism Checker by PlagiarismDetect

Online Plagiarism Checker by PlagiarismDetect

Start by uploading your text (paste it to the checking area or upload a file). Now, the system breaks it into small linguistic units and checks it for similarities against all the websites that are open for indexing and also its own private database. You will be redirected to the results section, where all the areas of your text that have been plagiarized are highlighted. Moreover, these areas will show up as hyperlinks, through which you can go to the web source which contains text similar to yours. You can also omit the source you've used, if it is properly cited. You can see the exact level of similarity of your text with other online resources, in the form of plagiarism rate, which is the percentage of text plagiarized. You can also download your report in HTML format for offline use and send them to your email.

 PlagiarismDetect makes use of the in-house Multi-Layer Technology with SMART scanning. This provides fast, real-time security status lookup capabilities in the cloud, reduces the overall time, cost and overhead and offers many other advantages over the conventional scan.


In order to check for plagiarism you need to buy credits: 1 credit costs 10 cents.

There are 2 quality options you can choose from before checking your text - Standard and Premium:

  • Standard - you use 1 credit per 275 words
  • Premium - you use 5 credits per 275 words

Discounts/Special offers valid.

Our Review:- PlagiarismDetect is a highly efficient and accurate tool for checking plagiarism. Its check scope covers a vast amount of pages available online and even includes the documents that can be downloaded, which accounts for its high level of precision.

The analysis time is unusually low and the accuracy is quite high. You will be delivered the plagiarism report in no longer than an instant. The system it makes use of to detect plagiarism is so effective, that it uncovers even the slightest occurrences of plagiarism.

PlagiarismDetect team constantly strives to make its online checker more precise and accurate to provide better services. It turns out to be a reliable and efficient tool and I recommend it to everyone who wishes to get rid of plagiarism in their writing.

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