Ahmedabad-based E-learning Platform Pedagogy Raises $400K to Make Education More Accessible and Affordable

Ahmedabad-based E-learning Platform Pedagogy Raises $400K to Make Education More Accessible and Affordable

Pedagogy, an Ahmedabad-based e-learning platform focusing on students preparing for various entrance exams, has raised $400,000 in a Pre-series A funding round led by Inflection Point Ventures (IPV).

The company plans to use the fresh funds to enhance its marketing, sales and support, product development, and operations capabilities.

Founded by Archin Shah along with Abhilash Sonwane and Ritesh Gandhi in 2016, Pedagogy is transforming the way students purchase and access books while preparing for engineering, medical and other entrance exams. It offers a Netflix-like subscription model allowing its users access to popular books and digital courses from trusted publishers and coaching centres across the country and help aspirants ace their entrance examinations.

Students can purchase a single subscription to get access to a range of preparatory books for their exam along with a personalized study and a practice platform. Giving priority on engineering and medical exams, Pedagogy allows aspirants to consume content from 40+ most trusted and popular books available for JEE and NEET at a price they can easily afford. Besides, students can find and subscribe to popular books for various entrance exams like NET, CTET, Banking, and UPSC.

Speaking about the company’s mission, Abhilash Sonwane, Co-founder and CEO, Pedagogy, said,

“Pedagogy wants to make education accessible and affordable to all students whereby they can get access to all types of content they need to prepare for their exams at a price they can afford. Bringing this idea to IPV helped us with its varied group of investors, which provides an ecosystem that a startup can lean on for help in scaling up faster.”

Pedagogy keeps its Infinity Pass, a carefully handpicked mix of most popular books from leading publishers and coaching classes in Smartbook format, extremely accessible and affordable so students do not compromise their preparation and parents do not dent their wallets in ensuring a better future for their children. The company calls it ‘infinity’ because there’s no limit as to what students can practice, test, read or learn from anywhere, anytime.

Commenting on the development, Abhinav Singhvi, an investor at Inflection Point Ventures, lauded the company saying,

“Pedagogy not only makes education more accessible but also provides enough ammunition to students that can help them succeed. The education system is evolving from averages to edges and Pedagogy’s solution to consolidate the fragmented education market with personalized content is a driver for students’ success.”

Meanwhile, Pedagogy said it witnessed 50,000 registered users on its platform in the past nine months.

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