Bengaluru-based Edtech Institute SoME Raises Angel Funding to Help Teenagers Rediscover the Joy of Learning

School of Meaningful Experiences (SoME), a Bengaluru-based edtech startup focusing on skills and learning development, has raised an undisclosed amount of capital as part of its angel funding round.

The round was led by Uday Singh, former group CEO of SIS Group Enterprises, and currently the co-founder of the blue-collar workforce management platform Better Place.

Founded by Rakesh Godhwani in 2018, School of Meaningful Experiences provides a place where teenagers can rediscover the joy of learning. It aims to prepare them to get the most out of their education and careers. The startup does this by cultivating six traits (six Cs) in each of their students: inspiring curiosity, fostering creativity, building genuine confidence, improving communication, enabling collaboration, and ensuring competence.

School of Meaningful Experiences provides a platform for teenagers and young adults to enhance various skills including ones related to leadership, scientific and creative thinking. Some of the programs it offers include 21-week leadership program, summer camps for spirited learners, and debating championships.

The main focus of SoME’s leadership program is to develop 21st century skills required for a student to lead others and make a difference in the world around them. Its online summer camp helps students aged 10+ learn the art of public speaking and collaborate with others seamlessly. SoME’s Debato is a first-of-its-kind online debating platform for teenagers around the world. The startup also offers podcast, called Plunnge, for the wayward soul.

Whether one is looking for a topic of their interest, or whether to experiment and find their calling, SoME has something for everyone.

Explaining about its programs, Rakesh Godhwani said, “To make our courses more user-friendly and ensure they don’t eat into our participants’ hectic schedules, our programs are offered online and after school, college and office hours. This system enables our learners to enjoy learning at their time and pace.”

Meanwhile, the company said it will use the newly raised capital to expand its operations and acquire fresh talents to improve its services.

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