12 Tips to Make Your Students Learn Better

12 Tips to Make Your Students Learn Better

In today's era teaching students and making them learn better and helping them to develop in a way so they can face the growing competition in near future.

A teacher is often concerned about his/her teaching methodology that will make students pay more attention, learn better, retain the knowledge, understand fully and make studying fun instead of a burden. Here are some tips for teachers which they can use to make their teaching effective and fun. I have listed these with my personal experience as a student I hope these will work wonders for you.

Ways you can make students learn better

Research and Presentation: Give students some course-related topics on which they have to do their own research and give presentations in which they have to make other students explain their topic. This will improve their confidence level and make them good in research and a good public speaker.

When a student does any kind of research and teaches himself/herself a certain topic they learn ‘how to learn’ and when they study with the motive to teach others the create an encyclopedia about that topic in their head. As far as I have noticed students do that yo make sure they know everything about it and related to it so that if any question is asked they are able to answer.

Weekly academic fun activity: Some fun activity related to studies always motivates students and helps them to come up and develop the spirit to become better, therefore a fun activity once a while is good to engage students and increase their interest in studies.

Students get bored doing or studying the same thing in the same way repeatedly, they get bored with their schedule and anyone will, it's like eating the same food daily, and if once a week they do something different, related to academics or not it's not necessary but something different from their daily schedule. This will surely cheer them up and you will be able to see those huge smiles on their faces.

Digital Learning: This will help to Promote innovative thinking and develops the creative minds of students, also it helps students to learn faster and retain the information for a longer period of time with better understanding.

When students will see and hear the explained topic they will think about it and visualize it in their minds. This will help them to develop creative imagination skills and sharper minds.

Fun learning by Funny Illustrations: Explain the topic with funny examples as students are able to understand better and retain the information for a longer period of time also when its funny, it’s human behavior that any fact that is presented to the brain in a funny way it will remain there for a longer period of time, students start to hate a topic when they don’t understand it but when you explain it with an out of the book example they will have a better understanding of the topic and will learn it faster and better.

Field Visits: A human mind is very observant when it experiences something itself, the brain learns from the experience it just had and it retains it for life and grasps it much faster and in a detailed form. Take your students for field trips where they will enjoy and learn together, ‘Fun Learning’ as it is termed, it's very effective and efficient.

Content Writing: Give out some topics for students to write on, this will develop their language skills as well as increase their creative thinking; also, it will help them to develop a good vocabulary. Writing on different topics helps students how to present their views and opinions in a clarified way in which others get what they are trying to convey, and not only this but it will also help them to increase knowledge about various things apart from their syllabus.

Something New Today: Once a week discusses on something new, something which will excite the minds of students, ask students to bring some topics themselves as well as bring some of your own, this will help them gain extra knowledge as well as make classroom interesting. Also, new needed thinking will be developed in the minds of the students that there is so much to learn in this world and they will become curious about things which will help them grow.

A Practical way of Learning: Give your students practical and actual real-life examples which they can relate to in day to day life this will also help them with better understanding. Also when they understand the topic better they will definitely be able to learn from it. This way you will help them increase their general knowledge and give them exposure to the real world.

Communicate with your students: Don’t take one-way lectures, make your lecture more like an interactive session, where the students are also able to participate, give answers and ask questions, this makes the class more Interesting and the students are able to concentrate in the class easily. You can discuss the topic with your students, ask about their views on it and the reason behind it, this will make students a quick thinker and the class interesting.

Give them some Responsibility: you must have heard that make the most disturbing child responsible for the whole class to straighten them out, that does work not only the most disturbing but also the one who does not come up in any way,when you do this their confidence level will automatically increase and they will work on improving themselves.

Work with Positive Motivation instead of negative one: Often teachers scold students in their first mistake thinking that scolding them will work, it does work but for short time period the student will correct is mistake and maybe repeat it again but if you correct them nicely ad very softly they will never repeat the same mistake in life.

Teach lessons like telling a Story:students get really excited when you tell them you are about to tell them a story, so when you teach them something as part of a story they will have a better understanding of it and they will pay their full attention as learning will become fun for them.

Finally,I hope I was able to help you with my article to make your students learn better and become a bright future for the upcoming generation.


Authored by Soumya Sood, currently pursuing B.Com Honours from Sage University, Indore and doing an Internship with Bookmycolleges.com, an online portal which helps students search and apply for different colleges in India and Abroad with a discounted registration fee of colleges. Also, we provide counseling to students about different MBA colleges and help them with their careers.

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