Best Educational Apps for Kids Every Parent Must Know

Best Educational Apps for Kids Every Parent Must Know

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This math app is highly recommendable for all K-12 education. This educational app let teachers guide students in the areas dealing with Addition, multiplication, subtraction, division, squares, cubes, square roots as well as single step algebra equations.  

YodelOh Math Mountain

It lets you check the basic concepts of your kid. Test addition, subtraction, multiplication & division. Great for learning and practicing the whole range of math facts, with an old school carnival game feel.

Number Bonds  

Addition and Subtraction helps reinforce those fact families. This app can be a smart way to help kids visualize addition and subtraction facts. Your kid will please you to help him on this very app!  

Thinking Blocks

It helps kids visualize word problems; make sense of what’s being asked, and set up the equations necessary to solve the problem. The series of four apps covers addition and subtraction, multiplication and division, fractions, ratios, and proportions. 

Number Bonds Pro

This app covers multiplication and division number bonds and fact families in the same kid-friendly format that helps reinforce concepts.


The Elements: A Visual Exploration

The app is based on the best selling book, The Element by Theodore Gray. The app is rich and engaging dealing in periodic tables taking user to the universe one could not imagine.

Science for kids

Apt for the child aged between 7-11 years. The app helps the kid to learn science concepts related with plants, animals, human body system, traits and on recycling.  The app is divided in 10 learning units and 5 practice units just to be sure!

Kid Science: Chemistry Experiments

Help your kids in their practicals and experiments with the help of this fun app. Read the text and watch the videos and do as it states along with it.

Science Facts Pro

This application gives you unlimited scientific facts to learn and teach your kid everyday!

Kid Science

Unleash the inner scientist in your kid with kid science. Get access to watch and do photos and videos that make it easy with step-by-step guidance to for real science experiments.


Poems by Heart

The app, Poems By Heart from Penguin Classics gives access to classic poetry and challenges you to memorize perennial favorites by master wordsmiths. The apps helps user Memorize and reciting poems, which let you, enjoy them at a deeper level and learn them for life. The app comes with 4 free poems plus 30+ poems from the poem shop.

Learn English by Stories

Help your kid to improve learning and reading skills with this engaging app. With Learn English Through Stories you'll be able to listen to different stories and learn vocabulary, as well as its different usages in the real English-speaking world. 

Learn English (hello-hello)

One of the best features this app has is that it provides a multi-language interface, meaning that regardless of your native tongue, they'll probably have a translation of the app for you. With the access to their videos you can learn the complete lesson, including grammar and expressions, and also provide simple yet useful exercises to help the student comprehend what's going on.

Learn English Grammar

People often underestimate the importance of grammar, especially when they want to learn how to speak English quickly. The British Council created this app through which they developed an organized, yet fun way to learn English grammar. Using a series of simple exercises you'll be able to understand and remember the grammar rules in English. 

Free Word Power

With Word Power Learn American English Vocabulary. You’ll master 100 of the most frequently used words and phrases in the English language right on your iOS device!

Other Educational Games

Mad Libs

The app is a word game where user gets to improve the treasure of English. User can play solo or in groups. The app comes with 21 free stories with content being added all the time. 

Sushi Monster

It is an Scholastic’s new game to practice, reinforce, and extend math fact fluency is completely engaging and appropriately challenging. 

The game helps teacher in building students reasoning strategies for whole number additions and multiplication by helping monsters make a target sum or product. User Earns points with each correct answer motivating and an engaging app helping teachers to create math sessions that are enjoyable.

Professor Garfield Cyber Bullying

The app helps teachers in making the students understand about the cyber bullying. The app is in the form of a comic on the famous cartoon character “Garfield”. While reading the student gets an understanding of the various aspects related to cyber bullying.  


Kids with access to iOS device enjoy a neat, engaging game helping them perfect their handwriting. Make your kid help Mr. Crab collect the numbered balls and see them drawing beautiful letters at the same time.


42 puzzles teach toddlers how to recognize basic shapes while simultaneously helping to strengthen their basic eye-hand coordination.


History: Maps of the World

Users can access maps of history and geography through this app.  An interactive map illustrates the shifts that have been made over time. It saves a lot of time of the teachers as all the maps needed for the curriculum of history and geography are available on this app. 

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