EdTech Asia Summit to Highlight Regional Education Focused Startups and Investors

EdTech Asia Summit to Highlight Regional  Education Focused Startups  and Investors

EdTech Asia Summit 2016, 30-31 July, Bangkok

 EdTech Asia will host its first regional EdTech Summit on July 30-31 in Bangkok, Thailand with a focus on ecosystem empowerment, knowledge sharing, and EdTech sector growth.  The  event  will  bring  together  key  stakeholders  in  the  Asian  EdTech  entrepreneurship, investment,   and  innovation  ecosystems   to  explore  shifting  dynamics  and  highlight  trends  and opportunities within the Education and EdTech sectors.

The summit will feature 60 speakers including more than 40 notable EdTech companies including well known industry leaders such as Udemy,  Knewton, Topica EdTech  Group,  and Quipper as well as up-and-coming  companies  from the region including Teamie, ELSA,  Playnote, GotIt!,  and Cialfo. The summit will feature a Startup Showcase hosted by EdTechReview's CEO and an EdTech Asia Awards ceremony to acknowledge excellence  in  the  regional  EdTech  entrepreneur  and  innovation  ecosystem.  The  event  will  also highlight leaders from the Education and EdTech investment community with speakers representing Kaizen  PE, Omidyar, Unitus Impact  and  Learn  Capital  as well  as others  representing  venture capital, private equity, crowd funding and philanthropy. The summit intends to provide insight for key EdTech sector stakeholders who are active in Asia or active on a global scale with a strong interest in the  Asian  region.  EdTech  Asia  Summit  2016  will  be  held  at  the  Sasin  Institute  of  Graduate Management on the campus of Chulalongkorn University in Bangkok.

According to EdTech Asia’s managing director Mike Michalec, “We are constantly exploring ways to catalyze rapid growth of the EdTech entrepreneurship  and innovation ecosystem throughout Asia by creating value for our stakeholders,  and the EdTech Asia Summit 2016 will help us to achieve that goal by engaging directly with the community we serve. We have organized local events in 9 countries but this is our first regionally focused event that seeks to unite the larger community.”

Recent years have seen a rapid increase in the amount of capital raised in the education technology (EdTech) sector, with the bulk of the investment activity in the USA. The EdTech sector is expected to continue positive growth, particularly in areas not dominated by investment thus far such as the Asian region over the next 5-10 years. Amid the exciting growth in this sector and increasing focus on Asia, the number of stakeholders  in the EdTech ecosystem across the region has grown rapidly. EdTech Asia aims to highlight opportunities in the Asian region and empower stakeholders to have impact.


EdTech Asia originated as a community networking and information group to serve stakeholders in the local EdTech entrepreneurship  and innovation communities across Asia in 2013. EdTech Asia has since formed  EdTech  community  groups  in 10 countries  and 13 cities and is a key driver of open innovation in the education sphere through the organization of events, consultation services, and creation and dissemination of news and data.


Quincy Tanner

Regional Strategy APAC Quincy@edtechasia.com


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