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Why 52000+ schools use Renaissance’s Accelerated Reader and Star Assessments?

Accelerated Reader:

  • Goal setting – Accelerated Reader allows teachers to effortlessly create personalized goals around comprehension, engaged reading time, and students’ reading levels.
  • Choice and motivation – It allow teachers to motivate students with tailored reading recommendations and endless choice. Accelerated Reader matches students with books and articles aligned to their unique interests and reading levels.
  • Nonfiction and close reading – Built-in nonfiction articles keep students engaged. Students can explore articles on a variety of topics to build background knowledge and sharpen their close-reading skills.
  • Comprehensive practice – It challenges students with vocabulary practice and literacy skills quizzes in addition to comprehension quizzes for almost all titles read by a student.
  • Ensuring completion – Once students finish a book, Accelerated Reader ensures students take a short quiz on what they have read. Each quiz is written to ensure students have read the entire book.
  • Monitoring reading practice – Accelerated Reader’s powerful reports provide quick and efficient insight into each student’s reading and learning progress, allowing teachers to spend more time guiding each student to the success.
  • Personalizing lesson plans –It allows teachers to gain instant insight into students’ quiz results, use that data to set goals, monitor their continued progress, and personalize lesson plans.
  • Flexibility – It allows students to choose any book from a wide range of recommendations and read them in class, at home, or anywhere, anytime.

Star Assessments:

  • Actionable data at fingertips – Star Assessment transforms assessment data into action steps for educators, giving them helpful insights and recommendations to strengthen classroom instruction.
  • Word knowledge and skills – It not only measures students’ knowledge and understanding of vocabulary, but their ability to apply vocabulary strategies too.
  • Understanding author’s craft – The tool helps students understand and analyse author’s use of language and literary devices to create certain effects.
  • Accuracy – Star Assessment allows teachers to see how their students are progressing toward mastery of state standards.
  • Targeted – It allows teachers to view students’ mastery of specific skills, what they are ready to learn, and related instructional resources.
  • Trusted – Highly rated by the National Centre on Intensive Intervention (NCII) for academic screening and academic progress monitoring, Star Assessment has high international reputation and usage.
  • One comprehensive assessment – With Star Assessment, one does not need different tests for different learning groups. With one comprehensive assessment, it provides all the insights needed to guide literacy growth for all readers. It eradicates over-testing by eliminating separate placement tests for each instructional program.
  • College entrance exams – Star Assessment also helps teachers identify students who may need additional support to get on track for ideal performance and improvements needed for college and career readiness.

Thousands of educators and schools across the world use Renaissance’s Accelerated Reader and Star Assessment tools along with myON to help their students develop enthusiasm for reading and engage in high-quality reading practices that have proven to fuel literacy growth – both inside and outside of school.

Learn more about charting a path to reading success with Star Assessments, and how myON Reader & Accelerated Reader can help accelerate growth for all learners. Get a demo for your school.

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